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    My ability to craft a title knows no bounds, huh? You know, that’s the word that comes to mind when I think about the show the other night at The Daily Grind. And before I go any further, I just didn’t get around to doing a pre-show advertisement. You know, sorry and stuff. It happens. […]

  • MOV2GO and the New Album

    I want to give a special thank you Jeff Totten and everyone at MOV2GO for having me on the Homegrown show this week. It was a blast! MOV2GO is a local sports/arts and entertainment/cooking/lifestyle & leisure network. It’s focused on the Mid-Ohio valley and the people that live here. I guess if I had one […]

  • richwood

    The Tiny Places In Our Heart

    West Virginia is dotted with an abundance of small towns. If you aren’t from one, your parents probably were. That’s the case with me and my father’s home town, Richwood. It was hit hard with flooding a couple weeks ago. The images and videos that streamed out not long after the flooding began were almost […]


    Viva La Revolution! … What Is A Revolution?

    I’d like to tell you that I have something interesting to talk about. But I don’t. At least not in any way that is obvious to me at this point. But I do have some images I’ve made that I want to share. So I got that going for me. Enjoy, click to make big

  • Still In Soft Launch Mode

    Still In Soft Launch Mode

    A year ago today, I was in shock at the loss of Joseph. I’ve felt sad most of the day and sometimes in tears. I’d like to kick that emotion in the nuts right now. The best way is to stop feeling sad and tell all the people I love that they matter to me. […]


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