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  • Still In Soft Launch Mode

    Still In Soft Launch Mode

    A year ago today, I was in shock at the loss of Joseph. I’ve felt sad most of the day and sometimes in tears. I’d like to kick that emotion in the nuts right now. The best way is to stop feeling sad and tell all the people I love that they matter to me. […]

  • Under Construction

    Under Construction

    Hey all. Just a quick note that I switched web hosts and amĀ  in the middle of a site redesign. Some things (pictures mostly) are missing from the site. I may or may not try to upload them again. Time and effort are in short supply. But I think you’ll like the new look of […]

  • Under Construction

    Mike Evin House Concert

    Yeah, that’s what I said. We’re hosting Mike Evin June 12th. Peter Katz suggested he should play here. Mike and I agreed. So here we go, 2015. I’ve certainly been hesitant about hosting a show. But I think Mike brings a special something to the table. I’ve become a fan since first listening to his […]

  • One Is Too Many

    I feel awful for a lot of reasons. Not like my whole life is mixed bag of suck, bad. But like another really close friend of mine has died too soon. I don’t know that I am totally over Joseph passing. I have, however, found a pretty good place to be in my head. I […]

  • Show Announcement: April 4th – Coffee Bar

    Hooray! I’m really just excited to have The Coffee Bar downtown. It’s a hip place to have a cup…a really good cup…of caffeine goodness. Please do check out the link to their Facebook page. April 4th from 7-8. Obviously, I’m also happy to be playing out again. That I’m doing it in a place I […]


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