Blogging on Saturday is for Losers

So that’s me, I guess. Hate being sick…I’m missing RJ Cowdery tonight at the Galley. Today was a beautiful day, but a little too beautiful for my sinuses. Besides that, music seems to be going in a good direction. Spirits are up despite the start to this post. I started working out again, and my body feels much better. But I think I’m ready to quit the smokes. When I stop and think about how much I smoke, how it can be a constant thing sometimes, I don’t have a problem with the idea of quitting. Besides, think of the stuff I could buy if I wasn’t spending $5 a day on cigs. Well, 5 x 365= $1,825. Too bad my pack is full. I guess I’ll smoke the rest of the night and go from there.

I’ve been listening to Midnight Oil a lot lately. Great band! I hate that their most popular song is Beds Are Burning. It’s a good song, but I think a lot of people missed out on all the other songs. They really kick ass! So go give them a listen sometime. Or start now.

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