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Mike Evin House Concert

Yeah, that’s what I said. We’re hosting Mike Evin June 12th. Peter Katz suggested he should play here. Mike and I agreed. So here we go, 2015. I’ve certainly been hesitant about hosting a show. But I think Mike brings a special something to the table. I’ve become a fan since first listening to his […]

My Couch By Couchwest Submission – Ego Wins

Here’s my submission for Couch By Couchwest, Ego Wins. The link will take you to the website, which I highly suggest you do! Couch By Couchwest is an online music festival run completely by submissions by independent artist like myself. It’s a great idea for a lot of reasons. One, that it coincides with SXSW […]

The Slow March To Respectability Street

Lord, I hate the time between work and work. Work being the recording and mixing/mastering. Especially right now as I’m building a new PC that will probably take over the world it’s so powerful. I really am quite impressed with the array of circuits I’ve assembled. It’s slow work, though, and doesn’t do much to […]

Couch By Couchwest 2014

We’re really happy to be part of Couch By Couchwest 2014. If you don’t know, CXCW was started for those of us too poor or too unmotivated to make the trip to Austin, TX for musical gathering known as South By Southwest. Instead, artist (mostly independent artist) submit a video of a live performance of […]