Demolicious Is All Grows Up

I’ve talked about it more on my Facebook Band page, but I’m getting pretty close to finishing the next album. It has previously gone by the name Demolicious. Which was the original recordings of many of the songs on the latest project for me. The idea was to record the songs as quickly after I wrote them as possible to get the raw feeling for the songs. And then to hear the final product and compare them to the original. Sadly, there were a couple I never recorded any version of. But hey, it’ll be as much a surprise for you as it was for me to add instruments and drums to the mix.

I know I haven’t changed most of them very much. It’s just that having the full band to compliment the original structure gives it a new life for me. Plus, I’ve said a million times that I never really know a song until I record it. That’s never so true as when you hear the things that don’t work as well as you imagined. But in the end, the song is improved in ways you could never imagine.

I thought I would just post the songs, in no particular order. I would imagine these songs won’t come off as being so personal as Naked Souls. I had a lot to get off my mind back then. I still do, but it doesn’t all revolve around me as much.

Company Song



Give It Away

Stupid Mind


Just Right

Back Of The Line

Right Where We Start

and one mystery


There’s songs that I’m not putting on here. Things that I like, but I feel like these are my best 10 songs. Several of these songs were written with CXCW (couch by couchwest) in mind. I’ll be forever thankful to the folks at CXCW for the awesomeness they gave us.

Here’s some silly art stuff for Demolicious. None of them are the title. Thanks for stopping by!

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