MOV2GO and the New Album

MOV2GO1I want to give a special thank you Jeff Totten and everyone at MOV2GO for having me on the Homegrown show this week. It was a blast! MOV2GO is a local sports/arts and entertainment/cooking/lifestyle & leisure network. It’s focused on the Mid-Ohio valley and the people that live here.

I guess if I had one regret, it’s that I didn’t spotlight a lot more of the friends I’ve played with that were such a big part of my musical influence. That’s important to me, because those turn out to be your friends for life. Music is cool like that. Here’s a link to the page the interview is on. Hope you enjoy!

MOV2GO2The album, as yet untitled, is moving along nicely. I’m in a different space to record for this one. It’s neat, relaxed, secluded…all the things that make it perfect for an introvert. As you may know, it started out as a collections of demos I have done called Demolicious. You can listen to some of them on the player on the right. I suggest the song, Just Right. It’s what I’m currently working on. Not a lot will change structurally. But the atmosphere I’m adding will fill the song out.

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