Music for Your Enjoyment: Icaboyd

Music for Your Enjoyment is a random attempt to point readers toward musicians I’ve come across that I think deserve a link for the sake of sharing.

Dr. Smicaboyd star of 39Voodoo39

There is a weirdness to Icaboyd, but it’s also catchy and just damn good work. Icaboyd is the work of one man, Chris Tolentino. He pulls from a lot of different influences, actually it reminds me of Steve Vai’s Flex-Able from the early 80’s. But with a 21st century spin. And without the abundance of guitar riffs. I mean that in a good way. The guitar solo can be over used. In it’s place, Chris spends more time with hip beats and interesting/funny lyrics. From That Wasn’t Chicken:

I remember taking you down to Uncle Lee’sToo Sick of Steakumms and I need Chinese
I pulled out the gristle and I ate the fat
Choked on the fur it must be a cat
That wasn’t chicken
That wasn’t chicken
That wasn’t chicken
It must be a cat

His songs are also filled with pleasing and relevant instruments to fill the spaces, like the Oboe type thing in New Delhi Dance. Definitely worth a listen or ten.

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