Stupid Mind

You may or may not have noticed the header. But I released a new album today. It’s called Stupid Mind. What that means to me is the things your brain can convince you exist, when they don’t in reality. In our world, there’s a lot of outside influences constantly bombarding you. So any lie told enough times will be true. At least for a considerable percentage of the population (That goes both ways). Most of, if not all of the songs on this album convey that state of mind.

The song, Stupid Mind is really based on the media’s love affair with going to war. I get why they love it. It’s not because people are going to die. It’s because their ratings go through the roof. What they don’t get is that their ratings are because people are going to die and that makes some people uneasy and others happy. The lead up to the war in Iraq was an all out blitz by the American media. I’m not painting with a broad brush. I realize there were many that railed against the war. It was really a graphics war between the networks and a battle for the most dramatic theme music. That’s the world we live in. Sexy beats factual. And it can lead us into some bad situations. That’s where the stupid mind thing comes in.

The album was recorded in my house a little and a lot in Mike and Lori’s basement. They know who they are. Good people. It was bits and pieces for a long time and then came together very quickly over the last year. That’s a funny statement, but true. We don’t all recon time in the same manner, I guess.

Of special note is my never ending thanks to Hardy Scragg. He plays bass on almost all the songs and was very much my second set of ears. It wouldn’t have been nearly as good of a project without him. I also want to remember Joseph Henry. I was very happy that we recorded a rough mix of Back Of The Line and that I was able take that recording and touch it up for the album. I’m happy Klyph Boyd, Joseph, and Hardy were around to help me record the noise at the end of Give It Away.

It was a good project, worth every minute I put into it.


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