MOV2GO1My ability to craft a title knows no bounds, huh? You know, that’s the word that comes to mind when I think about the show the other night at The Daily Grind. And before I go any further, I just didn’t get around to doing a pre-show advertisement. You know, sorry and stuff. It happens. Working from social media platforms is a lot easier than starting with a blog post. So, unless I have something worth reading (in my mind, anyways) I’m not doing a throw away post. I hate the feeling, like I’m mailing it in instead of being originally awesome. So before I get back to what I was talking about, it was nice to be inspired to write something.

MOV2GO is shooting the new season of their local music show and I was fortunate enough to get a slot this past weekend. While the first season was more about interviews, this season is focused on local songwriters. Also, it includes live performances and interviews and questions from the audience. This format was new for me and came with a bit of nervousness. Jeff Totten is a total pro, though, and it was one of the best atmospheres I can remember playing in. Jeff really is a professional, and we’re lucky he decided to make his way back to the MOV.

I also want to thank The Daily Grind and the staff for making this happen. I’ve played in a lot of coffee places. It was the first time I ever remember a place not making espresso drinks to keep it quiet for the performers. It’s the little things that make the difference.

Lastly, I want to thank all my friends and family that made it out to the show. It’s always awesome to play for a crowd that is listening!! Everyone above had a part in making this a fun night. I’ve had too many bad performances recently. This one restored my faith in performing.

Thanks all!!

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