The Moon Is Shining Blue

I had a dream when I was in high school that I met the devil. The moon was¬† glowing like a black light. But everything and everyone had a blue hue. The devil reminded me of the vampire from Salem’s Lot. Tall, bald, and menacing. At his side was a German Sheppard, rabid with red eyes.

The moon is most certainly¬† shining blue tonight and made me think of that dream and the song I wrote about it, Dreaming. I wrote it while I was playing with the Mad Scientist. There’s actually a recording of us playing it live. The cool part is that the recording has a track for each drum piece and each instrument and vocal. I have to admit I would love to re-record my parts. Everything else is really good but my guitar and vocals. I never stopped to think that I was the weak link that kept us from taking over the world.

It’s a thought. I don’t know how it’s going to work. But maybe if I can improve what I did, it’ll give that song some new life. I also have to admit being sentimental. Getting to record with Tommy one more time would be awesome!

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